Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Castelbajac...I'm still catching my breath

The Castelbajac show was unreal. Literally, it was eight hours ago, and My hands are still shaking. From the time we stepped off of the Metro, I was having mild heart palpitations, and Seeing the monstrous black tent almost made me faint. I have been such a huge fan for so long, that to finally be in coughing distance of his work was unbelievable. When I got the email invitation, I never thought My parents would actually fly me out for the show. Here I sit, typing in Paris, still not really believing what has happened. Thank you parents!!

We sat behind Kanye West, it was a sea of photographers around him.

This dog print was so amazing, I love the matching bag and dress. Our cab driver on the first day told us that dalmatians are very trendy now in Paris.
This was definitely my favorite headpiece from the collection. There were many, and all beautiful, but the shape and lines of this one was literally stunning when the model walked.
I am a sucker for skulls and skeletons, and this dress was BEYOND amazing. I get annoyed when designers just walk out for two seconds after their show. I think all designers should be proud of their work, and I could it so magical when he walked out with her, because I know exactly how it feels to take a model back out after a show. I could feel him beaming, his energy was electric.

I was shaking when I stepped backstage. Half of the pictures I took had to be deleted because they were blurry, I kid you not, this was so unreal, I could not steady my hand for the life of me. I flipped when I saw this woman wearing my favorite piece from last season.

The finale was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The dress with the skeleton was tailored so expertly that when the model walked, the skeleton flowed with her body. As a designer, I understand the extreme difficulty of what was achieved.

{Photo credit-Fooyoo}
I've flown all the way to Paris..eight hours... and I NEED a piece of Castelbajac in my wardrobe. We made a point to go to both stores, this is the main, off the runway store. The portrait was amazing! I fell in love with this blazer, but we didn't have time to try it on, I want it so badly!! There is also the most magnificent trench coat too. I can see myself wearing those two pieces a million different ways, I would love the opportunity to represent Castelbajac in the states!

{On Jacob, French Connection blazer, Thomas Dean shirt, Bowtie from Century 21, Social Collision jeans, Pour la Victoire boots}
{On Patricia, Custo blazer, Eileen Fisher tank, BCBG skirt and bag, Cynthia Rowley boots}

Patricia and I after the show. Its a good thing she stood on the riser, I am a foot taller than her in heels. I'm off to the Castelbajac party, pictures to follow!

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