Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Being Tourists

This post is a somewhat indulgent view of Patricia and I experiencing the most visited places in Paris.

We obviously felt obligated to visit the Eiffel tower. It is magnificent, but we most definitely didn't feel it necessary to hand over the three hours that every guide book says it takes to wait in line to climb to the top. It was magnificent, but seeing it from the ground was enough for us, there is just too much to do here in Paris to wait in line. The coolest part of this experience were the illegal vendors selling miniature Eiffel towers. They set up their displays on big scarves, and if police were coming, they grabbed the handles of the scarves, and up went the display...pretty smart, no?
Paris is blooming! Good thing were leaving before my allergies kick in!!
We Obviously had to go to the Louvre. I sit in my bed now after four hours at the museum and dinner at 11, Patricia and I both have lacerated feet. I said no sneakers on this trip, and I meant it! That's one of my favorite parts of Paris, people wear real shoes. Even casual men are wearing oxfords, I hope for their sakes that they are more comfortable than the French Connection ones I wore today.

My favorite sculptures, I especially loved this one of the little boy riding a turtle. I was really edgy and used the flash on my camera to take this photo...OOO CALL THE POLICE!

My favorite paintings, Patricia is laying next to me and told me to tell all of you that the guy on the platter was dinner...LOL. My all time favorite painting was of the European version of Cleopatra's suicide.
I saw the Mona Lisa, it is very small and maybe I'm just jaded, but it's way over-rated. I've seen better. Also, it's six feet away behind glass, and some sweaty guy was pushing me and then got in front of one of my pictures...Merci Beaucoup

This was in Napoleon's apartment, literally every inch of it was magnificent, and I couldn't get over how elaborate and extravagant everything was.

We actually wore these outfits last night to the party, but being that we were there for less than two minutes, we decided to put them back on today...they were too fabulous to waste. I wore a Theory blazer with an H&M shirt and vintage bowtie. My feet were lacerated and blistered by the time we got back to the hotel.

We were both exhausted after four hours, but Patricia seemed to show it a bit more...
Mom LOVED this railing.

Photos taken from inside the Famous Pyramid... amazing in real life
Good Night! We have beaucoup de chose a faire demain!

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