Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arzu Kaprol

So, about three weeks ago, I had emailed over to Arzu Kaprol asking for tickets and never got a response. Then yesterday, right when we got back from the Castelbajac show, we had an email saying we were on the list! What a pleasant surprise! For all that have never heard of Arzu, she is a magnificently talented Turkish designer who is now undeniably on my list of favorites. I have visited Turkey twice, but when I was there, I didn't notice any out-of-this-world fashion, so this show was made even better. I cannot say enough good things, my mom and I sat with our mouths gaping from amazement during the whole show. I found the clothes modern and wonderfully textural. It was all black, my preferred color palate, and she used leather, fur, snakeskin, and other various mediums to create black clothes that were so much more than just black clothes. Often at fashion shows, black can get lost, but this was done so AMAZINGLY, that each and every detail stood out. This is not an easy task at all, Bravo! The show was held at the Weston, and I loved how small and intimate the setting was. We had great seats, and I took a ton of pictures, here are my favorite looks.
I was obsessed with the intricately woven sleeves of this blazer. This detail elevated this jacket to a piece that would translate amazingly to retail and everyday wear. I also love the mix in fabrics.
The simplicity of the piece made it stand out to me. It takes a VERY talented designer to make the "Little Black Dress" seem new and special.
This cape was one of my top three pieces in the collection. The beading was incredible! I would love to wear this! It is really so amazing, the dramatic neck is also so cool, and This would great on top of a black suit instead of an overcoat.
Another great black dress, the patent really stood out, giving it dimension and it added another level of texture. I loved the sleeves, they look modern, but also somewhat retro.
I really appreciate the level of workmanship and effort that went into the quilted leather jacket. The pattern was a fresh take on quilting, and I was so excited to see the shiny black baubles again, and they were so unexpected on pants!
Layered clothing is great, especially in fall, pre-layered clothes are even better. I like that the leather jacket wasn't lost under the vest. The peaked shoulders help to make it stand out under such a powerful vest. This is what designing is all about...thought.
I've found that most designers to dressed well, but separates are a completely different world. Arzu did them magnificently, and again this mix of texture adds to the dimension of all black. That skirt is downright adorable.
I went GAGA for the exoskeletons in the finale. They were funky and futuristic, but because they were a darker plastic they looking edgy and interesting instead of stupid and gimmicky.
Congratulations! The collection was mindblowing and beyond amazing, and I can't wait to see more!

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