Monday, March 28, 2011

Artexpo and Arepas

I am the worst blogger! I can't believe I haven't posted in eight days! After Paris, I was super sick, and by time I felt better, I was immersed in a full on sewing binge. I sewed for about eight days straight, and I didn't leave my house or get dressed for four days. As a celebration of my hard sewing and making-up-school-work-from-missing-my-week-in-Paris, I was off to New York. I went to NYC most importantly for AttExpo, an amazing day of art viewing and buying that was held at Pier 94, because the Javitt's was under construction. I went with my mom, our friend Claire, and my Friend Maddie. I also went down to City Hall to get my underage work papers re-instated for this summer when I go back to work at French Connection. I decided to reward my hard work and stay over. I hadn't seen my friends Maddie and Carly in a while, and it was great to catch up.
This statue was the center focal point of ArtExpo, which was enormous. It took hours to walk around, and we didn't even see everything!
I thought these paper-dressed mannequins were awesome, the larger one in back was so beyond. After hours of walking around, we hopped in a cab and went to Cafeteria, my favorite. I decided pictures were unnecessary, because I ordered the same mac and cheese and Brussels sprouts as last time. It was amazing! The we walked the eight feel to Loehmanns, and the shopping was so great. Loehmanns never disappoints. 
{French Connection blazer, DKNY turtleneck, Social Collision jeans}
I love wearing blazers. Besides being very slimming, I went into the office to drop off my papers, and never like to look like a teenager. When I first got the job, we got a packet on articles about how to dress for work, and the most poignant thing I read was to dress for the job you want, not the one you have. This mantra rings in my ears. I also am obsessed with turtlenecks mixed with blazers, and I wanted to get the look in before it gets too warm.
 How cute are these socks from Target? They're very Alexander McQueen, RIP
After ArtExpo, Maddie and I met up with our very good friend Carly. her mom is the ever fabulous Roni Berg who blessed me with my beloved Hermes Kelly. I was so excited to go to dinner at Caracas. It's one of my favorite dives, and it is one of the few places I will happily wait forty five minutes to get into. They have some of the best Venezuelan food in the city. We were in heels, so we went to McDonald's for pie. Not a bad appetizer, interesting fact, Maddie told me that they make their Apple pies with potatoes instead of apples because it's cheaper. Cool, no?
As always, my Arepa was beyond amazing. This one has roasted pork, plantains, white cheese, and beans. So amazing, and very affordable for NYC eats. 
I picked up this sweater at Loehmanns. Its by Oliver Perry, and I got a stellar deal. It was marked down from 140 to 15. I liked it in the store, but I LOVE it now. I am wearing it as I type this post. I like the sort of Aztec feel to it. I swapped my Aldo brogues for my Jeffery Campbell Lita boots. These are such good walking shoes. 
Maddie got this amazing Liefsdottier dress for like ninety percent off at Loehmanns. It looked so cute with the tee shirt under it. 
Forever 21 has great vegan footwear
We grabbed ice cream from Emack and Bolios before I left on the train. Happy Monday, I'm off for my first day of school in three weeks!

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