Monday, March 7, 2011

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My dad, lawrence {we've yet to invent a movie star alter-ego, like Patricia Renee} set up this whole trip for my mom and I...Thank you dad! The hotel is so cute, the outside looks like something from the little mermaid. The room is tiny, but during one of my many naps yesterday, my mom Fung Shui'd the room, so it's definitely better.
I changed for dinner..well because I could. I wore the same jeans with an H&M scarf and shirt, and a Theory vest.
My feet were a bit swollen from seven hours of walking, so my Sam Edelman booties hurt a tad bit more than usual. I love them from this angle, the heel looks so cool. I told my mom that it clearly is not worth going out earlier, because we both crash after about seven hours, and I said that there is nothing that can be done at ten that we can't do at noon. I'm off to do Patricia's hair, goodnight!

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  1. Jake, this is so enjoyable to read. I would love to be there with you. Say hi to Mom. P.S. i hope this darn thing posts. I am trying for the third time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!