Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Wore it Better?

I was way to proud of myself dressing up for school that I couldn't not write about it! I really wanted to wear one of my new bowties, and I'm really happy, I found out that they actually do tie! Its definitely one of the most exciting discoveries anyone has made in any US history class anywhere. I get super annoyed when people come up to me and say that they don't feel like getting dressed for school, so they wear sweatpants and sweatshirts. I find this to be somewhat despicable, because you never know what your day will behold. I realize that everyone has their off days, but there is no reason to walk out of the house not looking your best at least 90 percent of the time. If you can get dressed without the usage of a zipper, button, or snap, there is a problem. There should always be more to an outfit than an elastic waistband. P.S. a zippered sweatshirt totally doesn't count.
{Forever 21 oxford shirt, H&M bateau neck tee shirt, bowtie from Century 21}
Forever 21 has really amazing button downs. At 20 dollars a pop, or ten if you sweep up at a sale, they are really amazing, and I like to buy more trendy shirts at lower price points. H&M also has great button downs. As much as I generally dislike J. Crew, last spring, I fell in love with a striped, French looking knit top. I went to buy it online, but with shipping, the total was over $100 and I just couldn't do it. Thankfully, I found this top at H&M on sale for seven bucks. I also bought it in olive/cream and navy/green. My favorite part is the Batuea neckline, especially because I wouldn't expect to see such a beautiful detail on such an inexpensive shirt. Most important accessory; My forest green 1990 Mercury Tracer wagon. Best part? It has brown felt interiors...Oh yeah
{French Connection bag, Fendi scarf, Christian Siriano for Payless satin sneakers}
As you all very well know, I usually don't go for fake leather items, but the color of this bag is literally breathtaking in person. I bought this Fendi scarf when I graduated eighth grade, and I can safely say that I have INFINITE ways to wear it. It's such a fun piece, and I have to say that a little bit of label-whoreishness is fun in small doses. I bought these sneakers when they went on sale last spring. The patent cap toe is really nice, and I love the zipper detail. I'm not sure about them yet, but I've been toying with this season's black and red croc printed satin version. 
Who stole my bag?!?!? I could do a whole "Who wore it better pole", but Taylor swift is too cute for me to embarrass. Lets just call it a tie...wink wink. Also, I feel so bad about her situation with Jake Gyllenhaal. He is so beautiful, it is really quite a shame. Taylor and I are going to be bag buddies, no fighting aloud on Fringing on Obscenity, us fashionistas need to stick together!

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