Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Rumors are True...I am Dating Simona Fried

Tonight Simona was my date for a Sweet sixteen. I felt pretty cool with this piece of arm candy! It got quite heated on the dance floor...our chemistry is undeniable.
My mom told her my frog's become my mom's taking pictures catch phrase, no longer is "say cheese" used in this house
{Wish blouse, FRINGE by Jacob Shanbrom skirt}
I was very flattered when Simona asked to wear one of my pieces to the party...I hope this wasn't just a clever ploy to not have to buy an outfit. I think I'm going to refrain from asking. My mom and I spend our time talking about how "rocking" {as my mom puts it} her body is. 
{Velvet blazer from Target, Buffalo by David Bitton shirt, bowtie from Century 21}
Notice I changed my glasses? I think I prefer my other pair, but these are cool too. The on downside is that the other ones cover like my whole face, and because these are normal sized, I can't really see when I look down or to the side. My mom gets full credit for this jacket. We were at Target, and I thought it looked nice, but I had just ordered two black blazers and I wasn't going to get it, when my mom literally forced me to. She called my grandma and five minutes later I had a birthday present, thanks Utch! This jacket fits so amazingly, and I still can't believe its from Target. The cut and construction are literally incredible. My only beef with the jacket is that it gets covered with lots of crap because its velvet, but I guess that's just velvet, I shouldn't take out my anger on the jacket, it's no fault of it. Its just the fabric. I bought this bowtie at the same time I bought the purple one from my French Connection bag/Taylor Swift post.
{Jeffery Campbell Lita boots, Vintage Valentino crocodile bag}
I'm really into the whole "fashionable club foot" look. These are so much fun, but a little dangerous to drive in, I got lots of practice tonight. When I got the the party, another girl was wearing them! Thankfully they were taupe suede, so it wasn't a complete "Bitch Stole my Look" scenario, no drinks were thrown, I promise. The photographer chased me around all night, where she would then proceed to lay on the floor and take pictures of my shoes. Flattering at first, but somewhat awkward after six of seven minutes. This bag was yet another very generous gift from Roni Berg, I love it! I am obsessed with crocodile, and I feel so lucky to have this bag! It is so beautifully made, and I love the closure. 
We bought these BCBG pumps today. I really love the double platform looks, and they do wonderful things for legs. 
 I need to be productive, maybe a Bagel and Shmear before I head off to my meeting. Happy Sunday!

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