Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunching, It's a Verb

Today I went to lunch with my friend Maddie. We were celebrating not having school on a Friday, and a belated Birthday. We went to Scoozi, it was so good, and it was funny that she chose that restaurant, because my mom did the interior, very well done mom. I am very proud to say that my famous movie star mother, Patricia Renee, is also a very successful interior designer, not decorator. I've made that mistake before.
This was strange, but very good. It was some sort of ginger, tomato, and golden raisin compote on top of a goat cheese crustini. Oddly comforting.
Three cheese and truffle pizza
My mother has taught me well, I like to order white pizza, or pasta with a white sauce, and then red sauce of the side. I like control when it comes to food.
{Ben Sherman blazer, H&M Tee shirt}
Haha! In a bookstore! I do not read for fun, my feet were killing me, and I chose to go to the nearest Starbucks in Yale, which is located in a bookstore. There was no way I could walk the four blocks to get to the other one. I was dying for an iced Chai with skim milk. I was raised on skim milk, I literally cannot drink a whole Chai with whole milk, I would seriously vom, maybe not, but I still don't understand how some people do it. I don't even like 2%. This is one of my all-time favorite jackets. I bought it during Freshman year, I haven't worn it in a while, and I was very pleased to see that it was a bit roomy today when I put it on. Again with my fashion investment mantra, I spent a couple hundred on this over two years ago, and I will wear it forever. The fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for, that is especially true when it comes to tailored pieces, like jackets, vests, and coats. I was originally going to wear this with a chartreuse knit under, but opted for the simple black long sleeve tee shirt. Thank god I didn't wear the sweater, it was warm today! I have a ton of black plain tee shirts, and this is by far my favorite. Perfectly stretchy, a little drapey, and it has the best sleeve length I've even seen. Remember when I said I don't usually wear tee shirts anymore? Blazers are the lupole...
{Pour La Victoire boots, Coach bag}
Maddie, the NYC one, gave me this bag as part of her vegetarian no-leather giveaway. I really love this bag, the blue suede is really stunning, and I noticed today that the leather handles and trim are actually navy blue. I love this! It's so unexpected, I had thought they were black. Again with these boots, they're my moms favorite of my collection of black ankle boots. I was showered with compliments today, always a plus, and they almost made me forget about the excruciating foot pain. The angle of the heel is very beautiful, but less than comfortable. This is also one of my only pairs of heels that doesn't really have a platform. This makes the five inch heel somewhat horrendous for walking. I do love the treck on the bottom though. I had to change into my Frye engineer boots after three hours of these when I went to the shoe repair guy to talk vintage Fendi. 
I picked this hat up today at Urban Outfitters. I can't tell you the last time I actually bought something there. I think it's so cute! The feathers are pretty fierce on the side with the grosgrain ribbon, I got it for $3.75, pretty amazing, no? I'm off for a meeting, have a beautiful day!

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