Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Love...

I've met someone, her name is Kelly. We are in love, and I think I just might go straight for her...haha, just kidding. Remember that email I mentioned last week? The email came from my Valentine, Roni Berg. After seeing/ reading about my episode with her Hermes bags, she decided to GIVE ME ONE! When I went into the city last weekend, I dropped by to pick my new lover up.
This is a Kelly bag, not the Birkin. It was named after Grace Kelly, she used this bag to sheild her pregnancy fron the paparazzi. I LOVE this bag, its more structured and serious than the Birkin. I was going to take a picture of myself wearing the bag, but lets be honest, there is nothing I could wear that would even hold a candle to this bag. It has a real shit-kicker, no bullshit attitude, and when you walk into a room carrying it, people know you're serious and not to mess with you. This is the most incredible seventeenth birthday present I could have asked for, and ever since I've gotten it home, I've been waking up at three in the morning to check and make sure its still there. Thank you so much Roni, I'm in love and I really can't believe that I'm no longer an Hermes virgin!
 Actually getting the bag was definitely an amazing start to 2011, it was pretty intense
I picked up these bow ties at Century 21 on Saturday. I really love them, but I bought them on the premise that they were ones that you had to tie, and on the train home, I realized that they were pre-tied. I really want real bow ties! I guess my search is still on. I can't wait to wear the red one, the houndstooth print is my favorite. I brought back a lot of things from New York, so many, that I had to borrow one of Maddie's mom's Whole Foods shopping bags. However, I'm now officially on a shopping diet, so I've decided to hide some of the things I bought so that I'll periodically find some of my new things, whilst depriving myself of actually buying clothing, shoes and bags.

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