Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Bo and My Coffee Tastes like a Tire

This weekend, I went into the City for a quick birthday weekend. After such a stressful week, I was super excited to let loose and check some things off of my teenage bucket list. After a long day of school, a seventeen dollar cab, two iced coffees, a cliff bar, and a two hour train ride, I made it into the city. My friend Maddie and I went to see Bo Burnham with her sister Ally and her friend Jackie.
The concert was amazing. I am such a huge fan of Bo, I may have wet myself a little during one of his many dance breaks. The concert was in Time Square, and despite its undeniably tourist-y-ness, It is such a fun place to go late at night. We parted ways after the concert, and Maddie and I headed down to Chelsea for dinner.
We ran into the opening act for Bo in the subway...I cant remember his name but he was super funny. I can't believe the number of mustaches I've seen on under thirty men in the past year. He was hysterical, I loved his vegan bit.

After Bo, we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Cafeteria. Its down in Chelsea, and I try to go every time I find myself in the neighborhood. Loehmanns is ten feet away, making the deal even sweeter. Maddie and I both got the truffle mac and cheese. I think its safe to say that they have the best mac and cheese in the city. We ended up getting seconds of the Brussels sprouts, they were so beyond amazing. I highly recommend this restaurant. Also, they always have to most beautiful assortment of men, sitting in the booth was like going to Barney's warehouse sale and not having a penny to my name. After dinner, we were off to the Rocky Horror Picture show. I've wanted to go for so long, and this was really special, because now that I'm seventeen, I could get in! On the walk over, I saw celebrity stylist Robert Verdi, and died. He looked a bit annoyed when I pressed my face against the glass wall of the restaurant and waved/drooled.
{Gap anorak and Merino wool cardigan, French Connection tee shirt, Social Collision wax coated jeans, Victoria's Secret garter belt, Sam Edelman studded ankle boots, Regina bag}
I don't wear tee shirts often, but I fell hard for this skeleton/gangster rapper/military band jacket tee shirt. The jeans are really cool, they look just like leather in real life. I'm really proud of my high heel wearing, I wore these from 6pm-330am. With these boots, the first forty minutes is excruciating, then they are awesome once your foot goes numb. The last hour, however, was pretty horrendous. The garter belt is still in my purse, I'm pondering other occasions to wear it to. 
 {Sovereign Code button down, French Connection sweater, Isabel Toledo for Payless boots, same Regina bag as yesterday}
I wore this outfit on Saturday to go to a coffee tasting/ Century 21/ Loehmanns to use my birthday discount/ a lovely birthday dinner sate with my friend Carly. I wouldn't usually pose so seductively outside of a sushi restaurant, but I realized that I would see into the restaurant, and I was seducing a woman who I met inside and told her she looked just like Kristin Wiig. I wore these boots all day, I'm very pleased with myself, my New Years resolution was to wear heels more often. It may have taken me thirty minutes to walk the seven blocks back to the apartment after wearing these for eleven hours.
I took this picture as I was sprinting to catch my train on Sunday. Isn't Grand Central stunning? I'm obsessed with the ceiling murals and the lighting fixtures. I looked really quite touristy taking this picture...

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