Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Hate Hipsters with Mustaches on Bicycles

After my Taylor Swift post, I saw the Sarah Jessica Parker, aka, my soul mate, has my scarf! Crazy huh?
{Vintage Chambray shirt, Vintage bowtie, Social Collision wax coated jeans, Love Quotes scarf}
I really, really love this shirt. It fits perfectly, and I love the worn, well loved look of the faded denim, especially when mixed with something more structured, like these jeans. They're so cool, they look just like leather. Not too comfortable, but I thing they are very esthetically pleasing. My friend Claire bought me this scarf, and one for herself. I love the color, and they knotted tassles are really pretty. Im wearing the bowtie again, I decided to throw it on right as I was leaving the house. Because it just clips on, its so easy to just throw it on. I like a quick accessory that can really make an outfit pop, it has a huge impact.
{Photo Credit-singer 22}
This picture ran in People Stylewatch. It looks great on her, but I can't tell a lie, I might just look better. Scratch that, I do look better, nothing personal SJP, no one can rock a party dress and Manolos like you! Did I ever mention how much I love SJP/ my compulsive obsession with Sex and the City? Well its pretty intense, I've seen every episode like 12 times. 
Worn with my trusty Regina bag and Dolce Vita for Target studded brogues. I love this bag, and I have really put it through Hell. I wore it almost everyday this summer when I was interning in the New York. It has held up beautifully, and I know I will wear it for years to come. This is exactly what I mean when I talk about investment buying. I spent a nice chunk of change on this bag, but it goes with everything in my closet, I wear it all the time, and I enjoy it every time I carry it.

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