Monday, February 21, 2011

Human Growth Hormones, The Breakfast Cereal of Choice

I wore this outfit to go to my cousin Jessica's bridal shower {congrats!}, and to make a PSA for my anatomy and psychology class with my friend Emma Lena. I really wanted to wear my Hermes bag, it was just one of those days. I built my outfit around the gold hardware, even though I usually gravitate towards outfits that have more a silver feeling.
{Ralph Lauren blazer, French Connection shirt, Missoni sweater, Levi's jeans}
I've had this blazer for six years. I love it so much, but the sleeves have become too short, but on the bright side, it looks amazing with the cuffs unbuttoned and rolled up to reveal the plaid lining. I've been really enjoying this shirt, I think its become one of my favorite tee shirts that I still wear. I enjoyed wearing this Missoni cardigan today, but It's sad that I've have it for maybe five years, and I think I've worn it six or seven times. I got it before I really developed my style, so the brownish color palate was nice looking, but looking back, I regret buying it. It wasn't at all cheap, and I feel bad that it doesn't see the light of day too often. I need to start wearing it more often, but I do regret picking this color. In conclusion, not one of my best fashionable investments.
{Hermes Kelly bag, Customized Cole Haan shoes by Maddie Jaye Marino}
Every time I carry this bag, I fall deeper in love. It is just so perfect, end of story. I bought the Cole Haan brogues last spring, I loved them so much, especially with my mostly black color palate. I wore them a ton this summer in the city when I was interning, and I really enjoyed them. When they starting getting dirty with subway gunk and spilled coffee, I rushed into my dads collection of shoe polish to get the smelly white goop. Sadly, the polish was a stark white, and the shoes are a very slight off-white with a blue undertone. The result was rather splotchy. I was about to throw them away, but I thought they would have to be good for some project. Maddie came up with the idea of a monster themed shoe mural, and they were such a great present! Thank you Maddie! Please check out her Flickr to see better pictures of the shoes!!!
{Urban Outfitters blazer and belt, H&M skirt, Goody hair bow}
Doesn't Emma look cute? I dressed her for out video shoot, I love the hair bow on her!
How cute are Emma's Gucci heels?
I practically sustain myself on Dunkin Donuts massive iced coffees. They're so big and caffeinated, great for hot days, long nights, and at 2 bucks a pop, great for when you don't want to spend six dollars at "coffee shops".  I'm off to pick up my Blackberry, the one in the picture is my old one that I had to activate on Friday because my other one broke. Happy Monday-off-from-school!

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