Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grey Mel

I wanted to do a quick outfit post in between my weekend activities, more pictures to come! I wore this outfit to school on Thursday, and it was consisted of too many of my favorite basics not to post it. I don't usually wear a ton of gray, but I though I would give myself, and my classmates, a break from my somewhat vast wardrobe of black clothing.
I bought this peacoat/bomber jacket hybrid two years ago at H&M. Its truly amazing, they combined my two favorite jacket styles into one perfect piece of fashion ambrosia. They shade of gray is really gorgeous, and I love the ribbing on the bottom and cuffs. It really is the perfect hue, not too light, I hate prissy bitch colors, but not too dark so that it looks like faded black...gross. I got this snood-scarf last year at Urban Outfitters, I think I have three or four now. They're amazingly warm, and they make great neck pillows for unnecessarily long assemblies. I have taken my fair share of naps wearing these. Also wearing my "default" black Frye engineer boots.
Here is another perfectly colored gray piece. I love Love Love this J. Lindeberg sweater vest, definitely one of my better fashion investments. Lastly, My favorite flannel. This one is from Forever 21 Men. I love their mens section, surprisingly most of what they have is super well made. The shitty thing is that they don't stay open for too long. Two have closed near me..Oh well, I guess I g=have to go to NYC to get my fix, maybe I;ll drop by Today. I'm going to a coffee seminar taught by my old camp counselor Travis in the financial district. Maddie is coming, and were meeting my brother and his AMAZING girlfriend Carolyn, have a happy Saturday!

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