Saturday, February 12, 2011

Favorite Pieces

I wore this outfit yesterday to go to school/the hairdresser. My new hair do takes quite a lot of upkeep. I'm used to getting it cut like every two months, but now I need to go every three and a half weeks. Actually, I took these pictures before I got my hair done...whatever, my haircut will be in the post for Sunday.
  {Forever 21 Button down, French Connection sweater, Michael Kors Mongolian Lamb fur vest, Converse sneakers, Brahmin bag}
I can't believe I haven't posted this vest yet. It is literally my favorite piece of clothing in my closet. I bought it in NYC at Fashion Night out at Lord and Taylor. The night was only made better by the meeting of Nigel Barker. He is so nice...and beautiful in person. The meeting started at eight, I got there at 6:30, and I was first in line!
 I first saw this vest over the summer when I was interning in New York. I immediately fell in love, but The sticker shock pushed me out of the store. When I went back a month later for Fashion Night out, I couldn't resist it, I had to make it mine. This sweater is gorgeous, and I love the Ombre effect. Again, carrying my love Jacqueline, she enjoyed the drive to the salon. This is yet another Forever 21 shirt. I think this one is my favorite, I bought it with my friend Maddie belt and her mom in NYC, and I wore it for the first day of school in Sophomore year. Wait that year kind of sucked, but it was a great outfit. I also love that it has epaulets and cuffed sleeve tabs. I like my shirts to have a lot of extra crap on them, it makes them seem more special.
I need to run, I'm off to to take the ACT's, wish me luck!

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