Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dolce and Gyoza

So yesterday was my birthday, and I really wanted to wear an outfit to show off my new shoes, but more on those to come. Besides presents, my favorite part of my birthday is the constant, but never annoying, Facebook birthday posts. My Blackberry has been going off all day, I feel so loved! Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. My mom swung by school this afternoon and dropped off a birthday lunch. She drew all over the bag in red marker, but I was so ravenous by the time she came I tore apart the bag and the seaweed salad didnt make it to the picture.
I dont know if there were drugs in the Gyoza, or maybe its that I haven't had them in a while, but I devoured them, they were incredible. I took this picture at my desk in the art room, unfortunalty, I got wasabi all over my sketchbook.
The Spicy Tuna roll was killer, I always top my sushi with extra pickled ginger. One time I ate a whole jar, but I got super nauseous, so now I pace myself and only eat it at Japanese restaurants.
I wore a Sovereign Code button down, Gap merino wool cardigan, Theory vest, and Surell Mongolain Lamb fur collar.
 Posing on stools is super difficult, I ended up on my ass, and I can safely say that I need a lot of practice. Maybe standing on a chair would be easier...
I planned this outfit around these brogues. I bought these shoes during my Isabel Toledo binge on Sunday. They're Dolce Vita for Target, and I'm in love. I really like the gold nail head studding, because I feel like almost all studded items are silver, and these are really quite refreshing.Unfortunately, They are faux leather, and I really hate faux leather, but they're so cute, and I snagged them for a great deal. The shoes also look really cool in profile, they have a sort of western, Cowboy boot feeling. The toe is super pointy, and They have a really cute stacked one inch heel. They're super jazz shoes-ish, and I had to control myself during school to not break out in dance and showgirl kicking.
Worn with my beloved vintage Roni Berg purse. I promise I don't walk around school with a purse, I hate those people. I made quite a few trips to my car to get the bag, get the camera, forgot to lock my car, go back and lock it, put everything away, Being fashionable is really quite exhausting.Time for hot tea and Sex and the City, enjoy your snow day!

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  1. Oh, I got those shoes, and the ballet flats. Unfortunately, I hurt my foot, so I can't wear them, but I love them nonetheless!