Monday, February 14, 2011

Can you check my fur, Donna?

On Saturday night, my friends Simona, Summer, and Chelsea took me out for my Birthday. We all take each other out for our birthdays, and its always a surprise where it is...cute, but it always makes getting dressed a bit difficult.
{French Connection blazer, Sovereign code button down, vintage bowtie and mink collar}
I bought this jacket last weekend in New York for my birthday. I really love it, its the most beautiful color. Its like a very dark cherry/purple. I'm obsessed with the cream piping. It feels very Gossip Girl, I love it. I need to get the sleeves shortened though. This is yet another piece of my Sovereign code shirt collection, their shirts are AMAZING. I bought this bowtie on Friday, its sort of weird, its a clip on. I don't think I've worn a clip on since I was fetus. I really wanted one of the Lanvin for H&M oversized bowties, but since every H&M I've been to doesn't carry them, this larger-than-it-should-be clip on works for me. The collar was a gift, I also have the same one with brown streaks.
 I took my Hermes Kelly out for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it, its really so beautiful. The bag has an extra long strap that clips on, I think Ill try it with the strap next time. 
I was so excited!!!! Chelsea and Simona bought me the Jeffery Campbell Lita boots I wanted! they're so amazing, and super comfortable. I had to push my seat all the way back, because they make me like way over six feet tall. These shoes run pretty big, I usually wear a 10 or 11 in women's, but these and a 9.5 and they fit. 
We went to Union League Cafe. It was so good, minus the waiter. When he came over to take our order, everyone pointed to me and said order, I went to order, and he was like, "I'll start with the ladies." RUDE!!! Urgh, whatever, he sucked, I was afraid to take pictures of dinner, but since it was like eleven by the time we got desserts, I thought it was okay. Summer got Creme Brulee.
Chelsea's chocolate situation was pretty amazing. I was sort of ashamed of myself, Ive taken five years of French, but I needed to point on the menu to order my dessert.
Haha, I have so many females in my bed! Jealous? Just kidding, it was such a great night, Happy Monday!

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