Friday, February 25, 2011

Be You

Today was my school's GSA yearbook picture. I decided, as the president, that I should look extra amazing. Like the pose in front of the bathroom?
{Forever 21 shirt, vintage silk bowtie, Theory vest, GSA "Be you" tee shirt}
I designed these shirts, and I love them! They're so cute, and I happen to think the color palate is pretty amazing. I found this bowtie in my closet, I think the bowtie fairy must have slipped it in there when I wasn't looking. I needed a little definition at the waist, so the vest was the perfect way to slim down an otherwise bulky look. I'm so upset! I spilled Gesso on my jeans, I'm currently trying to scrub them clean, you can kind of see the whitish spot on my left leg.
{Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, customized Cole Haan brogues}
I bought this bag in freshman year, I thought it was a classic investment piece. What a joke! It's cute, but not really my style anymore. I think the last time I wore it I was fourteen and had braces. 
I wore the "Monster" shoes again. I got so many compliments, thank you again Maddie! I think one of my favorite monsters is the sunny side up egg/mushroom one in the left shoe. It is inspired my Maddie's mom Helen's signature dish; Naan or ravioli, with a fried egg, goat cheese, some kind of vegetable, and pine nuts. It sounds weird, but its so good. TGIF!

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