Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aversion Shock Therapy

I've had a fear of thrift stores for a while now. I can't count the number of time I've seen someone in an amazing outfit, and it's been from a thrift store. Just the thought of what could have happened in that garment schkieves me to no end. What is someone had a sweating problem, or died in the clothing and consequentially lost control of their bowels? I have the neurotic Jewish gene, and it definitely applies to thrifted clothing. Interestingly enough, I love Vintage, and I am currently trying to bridge the gap between the two. I think the difference is in the shopping experience. Vintage stores are clean, and merchandised. Thrift stores have that thrift store smell, and the piles make me queasy and anxious. I decided that it was time to cut the shit and get over it, but I needed to do it slowly. I went to the Goodwill last week, and I thought that ties would be a safe way to start my dive into thrift. Then bags, and maybe jackets. I don't know if shirts will every happen, that really goes for any clothing that is in direct contact with the body...and sweaters, because they soak up fluids and odors. I just can't deal with that.
I picked up two ties when I was there on Friday.
The Selection of high end designer ties was baffling. There were tons of brown ties, Oscar De La Renta, Dior, and YSL. I was tempted to buy them, but  don't wear brown, so it seemed pretty stupid. There was the most stunning Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche tie, in a dusty rose and gray color palate, but it had a huge stain. I am in love with this Dior tie. I don't have anything paisley, and the color is really beautiful in person.
I love this bowtie. I had so much fun wearing it on my birthday night, and although I originally thought the clip on action was dumb, its pretty cool to be able to clip it onto anything, literally. My flight was just booked for Paris fashion week, I'm so excited! I'm off to the dentist, wish me luck!

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