Thursday, January 20, 2011

SOCKS! {exclamation point} !

 My day started off uneventfully, with a lazy wake up, and the joy of watching the Degrassi graduation episode. I really wish my life was that Canadian and eventful. Trader Joe's chicken Shu Mai have become a food group in my mind, they so so amazing, and they make for a great breakfast. I had the intention of going out for coffee and buying mouthwash, but my fear of getting my car stuck again overrode my desire for a cappchino or enamel restoring products. Last night I had to floor-it from across the street to get my car up the ice convered driveway, but I've decided that its probably not the best idea and I should try to do no more that once a day. O!!! Really important for those fellow Rachel Zoe lovers, I finally found the name of her forever catchy themesong, its called "Odyle", by Heloise and the Savoir Faire. I've been listening to it nonstop for two weeks, and surprise, it's playing now. Her voice is incredible.
So, on to socks. A seemingly normal article of everyday clothing, but ever so important. I am hooked on K. Bell socks from Costco, because they are super thin, and nearly invisible when wearing sneakers or ankle boots. That being said, I have a weakness for really nice socks too, I love a pump or peep toe ankle boot with a little patterned sock peeping out for fun. This brings me to the exact reason for this post. For Christmas, our dear family friends, Maggie and Carl {Thank you for the socks!!!!!}, gave me the most gorgeous socks I have ever owned. It's actually taken me until now to taken them our of the wrapping and wear them. I really appreciated how the company put a single sheet of tissue paper inside each sock for display purposes, now that is proper packaging. The funny thing is that I would never buy them for myself, even though I am obviously getting tons of joy from them.

Dont you love my facial expression? My face looks more normal in the little 1x2 camera screen. I'm wearing a button down by Buffalo by David Bitton, vintage André tie from the 1940's, KOTO cardigan, vintage Andrew Marc fox fur collar, BDG jeans, Marcoliani socks, and Cole Haan brogues

    These socks make me happy every time I look at them, I'm kind of a dork, I just folded them in my closet. I bought these shoes when i got home for arts camp, I had been living in gladiator flats, dingy converse, and moccasin boots. I needed real footwear. When I first tried them on, I thought they were beautiful, but I wasn't sure if I loved them enough to dive into the Cole Haan price tag. Right after I left the store, I knew I had made a mistake and I bought them right up. I think the perfect simplicity and classic lines and details are what makes them so special. They were an investment, and i know I'll wear them now, and forever. I do try to keep them extra shiny to make them look at bit more special. I'm off to go practice not looking like such a tool in pictures.

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