Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off to Tracy's

 I asked Tracy to show me some of favorite pieces in the store, and i was so excited to see this trench! I have a real soft spot for trench coats, and I have my eyes peeled for a black one. I liked how she styled the coat with the popped collar and cinched waistband. This coast is by Organic by John Patrick.
 The second i walked into the store, i fell hard for this jacket. I really love the Japanese sort of Comme Des Garcons feeling to it. This jacket is from a brand called Nau, and there line is so cool! I am obsessed with this jacket.
 I have loved these shoes since she first got them in the store last spring. The also come in white with pink satin piping. I really want them! Sadly, they run super small, and there is no way i could shove my foot into them. The brand is Marais, PLEASE MAKE LARGER SIZES!!!!!!

 Tracy and Kristin, Tracy's blouse was stunning, i forgot to ask the brand

I wore a gray and black marbled DKNY turtleneck, Theory blazer, Social Collision Jeans, and H&M boots.

I was totally going to wear more fabulous shoes, but lucky me, my Mercury Tracer wagon got stuck in the ice getting out of the driveway, and after forty minutes of digging with a shovel and arm flailing, a wonderfully amazing man, Mike {I wish I knew your last name, I want to send you a fruit basket!} got my car unstuck, but after that ordeal i realized that i would probably have to climb snowy toundras once i got downtown...thank God i wore these, I climbed lots of them. Have a Happy Wednesday night, I'm off to study for exams and fix my favorite pair of pants!

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