Monday, January 31, 2011

Isabel Toledo

{My mom got this laughing picture by telling me my frog died...I have problems}
I went out today on a mission, I wanted to get the Isabel Toldeo for Payless ankle boots. I tried them on a month ago with my brother's girlfriend Carolyn, but they didn't really catch my interest. When I was at the Trumbull mall with my mom on Saturday, they looked so much better! I got a very exciting email {more on that next week!}, got distracted, and forgot to buy the boots. So then today, I hopped into my car and off to the mall I went.
These boots are SO comfortable. They have a four and a half inch heel, with a half inch platform. At first, I hated the multi-colored elastic goring, but it's growing on me. It reminds me of the pattern you would find on tights that a seven year old girl would wear. I was really excited to fine an island platform, because they are often shown on much higher end shoes. I love the patent cap toe, and the zipper up the front gives it stunning verticality. I'm really excited to wear them this weekend in the city, they need a really fierce sweater, and I think some black jeans. The blue ones don't look right.
 Besides really liking the boot, they have such social relevance. For those of you who don't know, Isabel Toledo is the very, very talented designer who created Lady Obama's beautiful canary yellow suit.
I was originally just going to buy the boots, but Payless was having a BOGO sale, so I thought, What the hell, get the bag! It's definitely cute, mais ce n'ai pas mon truc . I think the case is that I don't know in life when I would wear it, or when I would prefer to wear a nylon tote instead of a leather purse. The bag now lives in my moms closet, and I think she'll get some good wear out of it. 
It's My Birthday, Happy Birthday to me! Have a happy Monday!

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