Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hérmes, My Love

I am a huge Hérmes fan. In fact, one of my biggest goals in life is to own one, or maybe a colorful dozen Birkin Bags. It may seem cheesy, but Samantha Jones' speech about knowing you've made it in like when you have a Birkin really resonated with me. I think it is the most well designed anything, anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. I'm ravenous for the day that I get to have my own. I see black leather with silver tone hardware first, then maybe a cherry red alligator, and a taupe ostrich. I'm literally salivating as I type.
 My friend Carly's mom, the infamously amazing Roni Berg has two Hérmes bags, the caramel Birkin, and the black Kelly. I might sound a bit melodramatic, but I had had a not-so-fabulous-day, and when she opened the chest at the end of her bed and pulled out two Hérmes dust bags...I lost it. I kid you not, my eyes started watering, and all I could do was sit on the floor clutching these bags for dear life. I might sound crazy and like I have no regard for real life, but at that moment, I felt a rush of adrenaline, an all encompassing orgasmic sensation, and I had the feeling like I was holding a newborn baby Jesus, or maybe the cure for Herpes. My dear love Roni was in a somewhat of a difficult position, the only sane thing she could do to peel me up from the floor of her bedroom was to give me a purse. She gave me a stunning forest green suede bag from her line in the eighties that I adore! Thank you Roni!  The bag is truly stunning in person, every time I remember that Roni no longer designs, my heart breaks again. She is a true talent. I need to stop about Birkins, my palms are clammy and my heart has started beating somewhat irregularly. HA! Me with braces! I wore this outfit over the summer, and I promise I will re-shoot the bag with a less WTF-ish outfit, and minus the metal-mouth.
Surprisingly, the real reason for writing this post was to discuss Hérmes SS/11. I just got a bit carried away. I had never imagined that a company such as Hérmes designed clothing. Having the most expensive and readily lusted over bag seemed to me like a good reason to kick back and relax. Little did I know that Jean Paul Gaultier was the in house designer...no wonder the collection is so amazing.
Head-to-toe black leather is super tricky to do without looking to dominatrix-y or like you're off to an S&M convention. Karlie Kloss is even carrying a riding crop and she still looks like she is going out for a respectable dinner in NYC with her Fiance. I'm dying over the body harness. I think giving the look open toe shoes gives it a lighter feel. Closed toe pumps of boots would have set this over the edge. 
I've been wanting a leather blazer for forever...BUT A LEATHER CARDIGAN!!! It's too amazing for words, and you can tell how soft and buttery the leather is by how drapey and luxurious it looks against Sasha's body. Leave it up to Hérmes to do equestrian boots perfectly.
Isn't the Birkin-bodice so beyond? This showed up throughout the collection, and it gave the looks a witty and lighthearted feel. The sort of tongue-in-cheek-nod to their best selling bag made a serious look like these no bullshit trousers look less intimidating. 
Is that a translucent, crocodile blazer? Why yes it is! Please, talk amongst yourselves, its really quite mind bending...and stunning. Here is another perfect riding boot, Ive never seen one this Butter-cream color and frankly, it looks delicious. 
Just when I thought the collection couldn't get any better, this look came up on style.com. Ive had a long time obsession with corsets and corsetry. This corset is exquisite, and I'm dying over it with the city shorts. The harness is a welcome touch here too, and that is the most scrumptious color of leather I have ever seen. This collection was mind blowing, and I like that the Hérmes clothing customer is very clear. These clothes are made for a strong, Independent, confident, and very wealthy woman who knows impeccable tailoring and good quality. I need a break, this collection wore me out.
{Photo credit-www.shoppingandinfo.com, www.mybirkinblog.blogspot.com, www.style.com}

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