Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't think its possible to have enough black shoes. I've had my days of ROYGBIV footwear, and I sometimes venture back into the realm of pink, purple, blue, and red shoes. No matter how much fun I may have in colorful shoes, I always come back to black ones. Also, I never feel quite right about spending big bucks on shoes that arent black. I have a whole "investment complex". I try to buy one or two investment pieces per season, and I try to make sure theyre always black. When ever I've spent alot of money on non-black items, I almost always regret it. I assure you, you will hear much more about this in the very near future. Back to the shoes. I am always on the lookout for oxfords, boots, and funky {but not trashy} heels. As hysterical as it sounds, I think, in general, most of my heels are somewhat masculine. I will regret this once I post my new red python bow hooker heels.
From left to right
{Pour la Victoire, Frye, Converse, Frye, Sam Edelman, Aldo, Cole Hann, French Connection, Schmoove}
As you can see, I'm really, really into oxfords. I wear the Aldo ones a ton. As for the two pairs of Frye boots, I wear the plain black engineer boots ALL the time. I wore them in the snow today, and I can't even recount the amount of rainstorms they've gotten me through. The leather is ridiculously thick, and they're completely waterproof. They're what I call "default" footwear. If I'm running out of the house, I'll grab them, or if none of my shoes look good with an outfit, on they go. I need to start wearing the studded ones more, they havent gotten as much wear, because they were maybe my most expensive pair of shoes, and theyre also not as comfortable for walking. They are definitly one of my most prized fashionable possessions. Oh, and they're not dirty, I bought them already "distressed". I'm usually against such things, but they are gorgeous in real life. They look better every time I wear them.
These French Connection brogues are some of my favorite shoes right now. My mom gets credit for finding these beauties. I bought them at the French Connection store on Newbury Street in Boston. They're super shiny patent leather, and the white laces also have silver threads woven into them. My other Favorite pair are the Pour la Victoire boots. I pined over these boots for a solid month before I finally took the plunge and bought them. Whenever I am about to spend a solid amount of money, I like to wait a month before buying them. If I start to forget about them, I don't go back. More often than not, if they dance around my mind and haunt my dreams, I go back for them. They are made of the most exquisite, softest leather, and I'm always up for a solid amount of hardware. They have a five inch heel, and a half inch platform. Believe it or not, the heels are considerably more comfortable than the brogues. Ive only worn the French Connection shoes once, and they are actually really painful. The leather is super rigid. HMMM I wonder what shoes I'm going to wear today...

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