Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Wishes

I love the boots, they are perfection. The Jeffery Campbell Lita boot is definitely on my wish list. It's refreshing to see a boot well under $200 that is getting so much press and notoriety. I would love to own these, the lines of the shoe are stunning, and I love the block wooden heel and lace-up action. They remind me of really fabulous, Gothic-hooker work boots. I would love to pair them with a really classic oxford skirt, silk tie, blazer, and skinny metallic jeans. Every blogger and fashion follower I have seen in them has talked about how comfortable they are, and I equate them to the most fabulous Converse sneakers, that aren't sneakers. I would rock these actually every day, and i think these would be one of those pairs of shoes that would look better the most scuffed and scratched they got. Also, they would prop me up to well over six feet, so if there are any 4 foot eleven and a half mothers or short {or regular sized}best friends who want an eternally tall person to be able to get them cans of tomatoes, jars of agave, or the ability to reach the snow on the top of their cars with or without a snow hint hint
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