Monday, January 31, 2011

Isabel Toledo

{My mom got this laughing picture by telling me my frog died...I have problems}
I went out today on a mission, I wanted to get the Isabel Toldeo for Payless ankle boots. I tried them on a month ago with my brother's girlfriend Carolyn, but they didn't really catch my interest. When I was at the Trumbull mall with my mom on Saturday, they looked so much better! I got a very exciting email {more on that next week!}, got distracted, and forgot to buy the boots. So then today, I hopped into my car and off to the mall I went.
These boots are SO comfortable. They have a four and a half inch heel, with a half inch platform. At first, I hated the multi-colored elastic goring, but it's growing on me. It reminds me of the pattern you would find on tights that a seven year old girl would wear. I was really excited to fine an island platform, because they are often shown on much higher end shoes. I love the patent cap toe, and the zipper up the front gives it stunning verticality. I'm really excited to wear them this weekend in the city, they need a really fierce sweater, and I think some black jeans. The blue ones don't look right.
 Besides really liking the boot, they have such social relevance. For those of you who don't know, Isabel Toledo is the very, very talented designer who created Lady Obama's beautiful canary yellow suit.
I was originally just going to buy the boots, but Payless was having a BOGO sale, so I thought, What the hell, get the bag! It's definitely cute, mais ce n'ai pas mon truc . I think the case is that I don't know in life when I would wear it, or when I would prefer to wear a nylon tote instead of a leather purse. The bag now lives in my moms closet, and I think she'll get some good wear out of it. 
It's My Birthday, Happy Birthday to me! Have a happy Monday!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ice Cream with Granola on Top

Everything has been so crazy in the past month, and today was back to normal, it felt so nice! We went to lunch with my brother, Ben, home from college for band practice, and then Mom and I were off to Lord and Taylor, in the Trumbull mall, and Marshall's. I haven't been in so long, and The familiar surroundings were really comforting.
What I brought home today...
I got this stunning gray Ben Sherman tie. It is truly breathtaking in person, the fabric is irridescent. I also really love skinny ties. My mom pointed out that this polka dot tie is an exact pattern swap as the socks I posted last week. I'm really excited to wear them together. Tonight I went over to my Friend Sarah's house for a Gossip girl marathon and Ice cream sundays with granola on top. Sounds strange, but it was so good.
I wore a Calvin Klein coat, Eileen Fisher cowl {borrowed from mom, thank you!}, French Connection sweater, Brahmin bag, and Pour la Victoire boots. This is by far my favorite purse, I named her Jacqueline, a post is soon to follow about my obsession/love affair with her.
I am obsessed with this French Connection sweater. Its so warm, and its really thick and sturdy. I hate floppy sweaters. It also has a really gorgeous Chanel kind of feeling with the star motif, and because of the gray/black color palate, I haven't really taken it off since December...I'm not bragging. I bought the last one at Loehmanns, and it doesnt really fit, but I couldnt not buy it, It was just too perfect.
Can you believe these Burberry shoes?!?!?!?!?!??? Sarah scored these babies at a consignment store for 45 dollars! I'm so jealous!! I'm off to a gallery opening and to rekindle a long lost friendship! Happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I Wore Today

I wore this outfit to school, this was my first real day of school in almost three weeks. I decided I needed a super fiecre outfit to get me psyched for school again.I was excited to get back to straightening my hair again, I can't remember the last time I've gone four days without doing my hair.
{Hawkins McGill shirt, French Connection leopard sweater, Social Collision jeans, Bass driving moccasins}
Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and thought that it was designed for you? This is that sweater. I saw it at the French Connection store on Newbury street when I was in eigth grade. Sadly, I dont know too many fourteen year olds who have upwards of 100 dollars to drop on a sweater. When I went back to the same store, the same day I bought those gorgeous brogues, I finally got the sweater. It was on sale, and I feel so lucky to have it. My only problem with it is that it is wool. I actually hate wool sweaters, because I get horribly OCD about piling clothing. I haven't posted these jeans yet, they have a beautiful, gold undertone woven into the blue denim. I am not gross, and I don't wear the same pair of jeans every day. I have like a dozen pairs of Social Collision jeans. I got these shoes over the summer at Bass. Originally, I had my eye on a pair of black penny loafers, but i decided that the comfort level of these and the beautiful color trumped the loafers. Even now, im still not sure if they're me, but I like them as a seperate entity.
 I bought this shirt in freshman year, and its been an amazing investment. Not only do I agree with what they embroidered on their shirts, I love me some confidence. Now that midterms are over, I am back to wishing for snow days, it feels good for things to be back to normal.
{Photo credit-}
You know how some people dream of world peace? I dream of Louboutins {Rodarte collaboration}
I would kill it in these shoes. There are people in my life who have a problem with me wearing heels, and there are a lot of things I could say right now, but instead, lets focus on these shoes. Whenever I venture out in hooker shoes, I like them to be like this...viscous. If anyone has a problem, I'll shove my vertiginous heels where it hurts. No fears, just shoes that double as weapons.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I don't think its possible to have enough black shoes. I've had my days of ROYGBIV footwear, and I sometimes venture back into the realm of pink, purple, blue, and red shoes. No matter how much fun I may have in colorful shoes, I always come back to black ones. Also, I never feel quite right about spending big bucks on shoes that arent black. I have a whole "investment complex". I try to buy one or two investment pieces per season, and I try to make sure theyre always black. When ever I've spent alot of money on non-black items, I almost always regret it. I assure you, you will hear much more about this in the very near future. Back to the shoes. I am always on the lookout for oxfords, boots, and funky {but not trashy} heels. As hysterical as it sounds, I think, in general, most of my heels are somewhat masculine. I will regret this once I post my new red python bow hooker heels.
From left to right
{Pour la Victoire, Frye, Converse, Frye, Sam Edelman, Aldo, Cole Hann, French Connection, Schmoove}
As you can see, I'm really, really into oxfords. I wear the Aldo ones a ton. As for the two pairs of Frye boots, I wear the plain black engineer boots ALL the time. I wore them in the snow today, and I can't even recount the amount of rainstorms they've gotten me through. The leather is ridiculously thick, and they're completely waterproof. They're what I call "default" footwear. If I'm running out of the house, I'll grab them, or if none of my shoes look good with an outfit, on they go. I need to start wearing the studded ones more, they havent gotten as much wear, because they were maybe my most expensive pair of shoes, and theyre also not as comfortable for walking. They are definitly one of my most prized fashionable possessions. Oh, and they're not dirty, I bought them already "distressed". I'm usually against such things, but they are gorgeous in real life. They look better every time I wear them.
These French Connection brogues are some of my favorite shoes right now. My mom gets credit for finding these beauties. I bought them at the French Connection store on Newbury Street in Boston. They're super shiny patent leather, and the white laces also have silver threads woven into them. My other Favorite pair are the Pour la Victoire boots. I pined over these boots for a solid month before I finally took the plunge and bought them. Whenever I am about to spend a solid amount of money, I like to wait a month before buying them. If I start to forget about them, I don't go back. More often than not, if they dance around my mind and haunt my dreams, I go back for them. They are made of the most exquisite, softest leather, and I'm always up for a solid amount of hardware. They have a five inch heel, and a half inch platform. Believe it or not, the heels are considerably more comfortable than the brogues. Ive only worn the French Connection shoes once, and they are actually really painful. The leather is super rigid. HMMM I wonder what shoes I'm going to wear today...

Hérmes, My Love

I am a huge Hérmes fan. In fact, one of my biggest goals in life is to own one, or maybe a colorful dozen Birkin Bags. It may seem cheesy, but Samantha Jones' speech about knowing you've made it in like when you have a Birkin really resonated with me. I think it is the most well designed anything, anywhere, by anyone, at anytime. I'm ravenous for the day that I get to have my own. I see black leather with silver tone hardware first, then maybe a cherry red alligator, and a taupe ostrich. I'm literally salivating as I type.
 My friend Carly's mom, the infamously amazing Roni Berg has two Hérmes bags, the caramel Birkin, and the black Kelly. I might sound a bit melodramatic, but I had had a not-so-fabulous-day, and when she opened the chest at the end of her bed and pulled out two Hérmes dust bags...I lost it. I kid you not, my eyes started watering, and all I could do was sit on the floor clutching these bags for dear life. I might sound crazy and like I have no regard for real life, but at that moment, I felt a rush of adrenaline, an all encompassing orgasmic sensation, and I had the feeling like I was holding a newborn baby Jesus, or maybe the cure for Herpes. My dear love Roni was in a somewhat of a difficult position, the only sane thing she could do to peel me up from the floor of her bedroom was to give me a purse. She gave me a stunning forest green suede bag from her line in the eighties that I adore! Thank you Roni!  The bag is truly stunning in person, every time I remember that Roni no longer designs, my heart breaks again. She is a true talent. I need to stop about Birkins, my palms are clammy and my heart has started beating somewhat irregularly. HA! Me with braces! I wore this outfit over the summer, and I promise I will re-shoot the bag with a less WTF-ish outfit, and minus the metal-mouth.
Surprisingly, the real reason for writing this post was to discuss Hérmes SS/11. I just got a bit carried away. I had never imagined that a company such as Hérmes designed clothing. Having the most expensive and readily lusted over bag seemed to me like a good reason to kick back and relax. Little did I know that Jean Paul Gaultier was the in house wonder the collection is so amazing.
Head-to-toe black leather is super tricky to do without looking to dominatrix-y or like you're off to an S&M convention. Karlie Kloss is even carrying a riding crop and she still looks like she is going out for a respectable dinner in NYC with her Fiance. I'm dying over the body harness. I think giving the look open toe shoes gives it a lighter feel. Closed toe pumps of boots would have set this over the edge. 
I've been wanting a leather blazer for forever...BUT A LEATHER CARDIGAN!!! It's too amazing for words, and you can tell how soft and buttery the leather is by how drapey and luxurious it looks against Sasha's body. Leave it up to Hérmes to do equestrian boots perfectly.
Isn't the Birkin-bodice so beyond? This showed up throughout the collection, and it gave the looks a witty and lighthearted feel. The sort of tongue-in-cheek-nod to their best selling bag made a serious look like these no bullshit trousers look less intimidating. 
Is that a translucent, crocodile blazer? Why yes it is! Please, talk amongst yourselves, its really quite mind bending...and stunning. Here is another perfect riding boot, Ive never seen one this Butter-cream color and frankly, it looks delicious. 
Just when I thought the collection couldn't get any better, this look came up on Ive had a long time obsession with corsets and corsetry. This corset is exquisite, and I'm dying over it with the city shorts. The harness is a welcome touch here too, and that is the most scrumptious color of leather I have ever seen. This collection was mind blowing, and I like that the Hérmes clothing customer is very clear. These clothes are made for a strong, Independent, confident, and very wealthy woman who knows impeccable tailoring and good quality. I need a break, this collection wore me out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lattes and Leather

 I went out to get some coffee and girl talk with my friend Chelsea. We met at Starbucks, and I was really excited to get the Mocha I've been dreaming of since Friday.
 I really love their tiny cookies, they're so good, and I don't feel nearly as bad. Also they're adorable! I love the tiny pink doughnuts. My mom bought me that little purple flashlight, actually she bought a dozen on the home shopping network in a color assortment that makes me want to taste the rainbow. It hasn't come in handy yet, but one day, when I drop my keys down some dark, dank hole...wait it wouldn't help me, the flashlight is attached to the keys. Um...there will be a time, and it will be super handy.
I wore a vintage chambray shirt, Urban Outfitters cable-knit infinity scarf, and Street Legal leather motorcycle jacket. I know, I haven't heard of the brand either. I bought it last summer on my day off from being a camp counselor. I got it at Wilson's leather outlet. I had been looking for an jacket just like this, with a fifties, Grease-type look. The second I saw it, I had to have it. Also, I got it 75% off, from $400 down to $100. I had to have my mom pay for it with a credit card over the phone, because I refused to leave the store without it. I need to take better pictures of it, it is really stunning from head-on. 
Playing with the camera settings....
I bought these wingtip oxfords at Aldo last spring. I had been lusting after the idea of a pair of wingtips, and I had to decide between these, and a pair of classic, normal oxfords. These oxfords have a sort of worn-in feeling that I love. I decided that I have enough pairs of uncomfortable shoes, and these feel like I dream, but they still have the look I was after. The bag was a gift from my friend Maddie. When she became a vegetarian, she decided to stop wearing leather. Someone had given her this bag from Turkey, and I am madly in love with it. It is super tiny, it literally fits my wallet and a stick of chapstick. Its great by itself, but I love it with the fox tail. I got the tail when I was with Maddie in the a Hamptons at a vintage store. As you can tell from my posts, I LOVE FUR. I'm off to go write another post, I'll be super busy when school starts up again.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New shoes and Alfred Hitchcock

SAT's are done, thank God. After a much needed cup of coffee, my mom and I decided it was time for an adventure. We ventured of to the Peking Duck house, but called first this time, because the last time we went, they had no Peking Duck. After such a vigorous test, I was in need of some much deserved retail therapy. Off to Loehmanns we went, and the sale was AMAZING. I've wanted a pair of super tall, caramel brown wedges for a while. I love heels, and I'm not complaining, but I seem to always pick the more painful and treacherous heels I can, leaving me somewhat crippled by the end of the night, I refuse to be one of those people who carries my shoes, If you wear heels, leave them on, no one wants to see your feet. I wanted a sky high pair of wedges that I could walk in all day, also I wanted a tall wedge that could survive snow, ice, and driving. My obsession with the caramel wedge started with Celine's wedges from last season ago. At first, I thought they were OK looking, but after seeing them on Jane and Judy Aldridge, I was sold.

At first, I only liked the strappy version, the other one really turned me off. I like the caramel version, but the black is stunning.
Then, one day at Nordstroms, I saw these and fell in love. Jeffery Campbell's "Snick" wedge stole my heart. Even though I originally didn't like this shoe, the higher proportion of the wedge completely changed the look. I was about to buy them, when reality sunk in, and my previous purchases started weighing heavier on my debit card. I walked away empty handed. Just like always, when the right ammount of cast found its way to my purse, they were gone, and I was left heartbroken.
That is, until I found these babies. They're by Lucky Brand {I know right!?!?!? I had no idea they made shoes either}. They have a super high heel, almost six inches, and I love the braided detail. I wore them tonight, and they are magnificently comfortable in a myriad of situations including, but not limited to, driving, walking through ice and snow, climbing short hills, and extended walking trips to buy Rolos, chips, and Starbursts. They did take me a bit of time to warm up to, the proportion of the platform makes the heel look not as high as it really is, but with that shape comes incredible comfort and sturdiness.

I apologize for the curly hair, I give myself exam and standardized test days to take a break from the flatiron.  I was going to stay in tonight due to sheer exhaistion {I had to wake up at 6:30 for the SAT's, it was still dark outside} but I decided that just because I was feeling slumberous didn't mean my new shoes had to stay in. I chugged some coffee and got dressed to go out.
 I wore a French Connection tee shirt, Random red flannel shirt, Gap anorak, Social Collision jeans, vintage Mink collar from the fifties. 
Lucky brand wedge/heel hybrid, and a vintage Paloma Picasso bag that my mom gave me from the eighties. I had always wanted a red purse, and I love the small size, it perfectly fits a wallet, cell phone, tiny digital camera, and a pack of gum. Also, for any of those fierce little boys who wear heels, I've found that Dockers makes amazing socks. They're super dark and opaque black, but also thin enough to slide perfectly into heels. 
I had so much fun tonight! I haven't seen my dear friend Chrissy in FOREVER!!! We decided, whilst looking through the shelves of Best Video, that we wanted to be cooler. Obviously, cool people watch old movies, so we jumped on the bandwagon. Our plan would have worked, if we had attention spans larger than that of flies.
We rented "The Birds", and I would like to say I loved it, but after forty minutes I was bored out of my mind. We watched the whole thing, but it was really, truly, terrible. On the bright side, I'm obsessed with Jessica Tandy, circa fried Green Tomatoes. and the main character, played by "Tippi" Hendren, was MAGNIFICENT. Time to sign off, my other new shoes need some love!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Really Jean-Charles?

Another snow-day, I'm ready to kill someone. My exams will be officially held a full week after they were supposed to be. I hate snow, on the bright side, I've mastered the art of getting my car into my driveway from across the street at forty-five miles per hour, I no longer have to fear getting stuck in the snow {now that i just wrote that, I promise it will happen tomorrow}. So here I sit, with a cup of tea and breaking in a new pair of heels, ready to set myself off on a fashionable rant. I am a huge Jean-Charles de Castelbajac fan. I think his work is magnificent, and I love his whimsical touches and often fun color schemes. I also love Lady GaGa. Simply put, she is beyond incredible, and I would give my left leg to meet her. That being said, I still haven't gotten over the Lady GaGa Kermit the Frog outfit. I think GaGa has an amazing sense of style, and I have previously praised Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, but this outfit was somewhat of a joke, and it made me so sad. It seems like everyone in the world has seen this outfit, and many of them associate Jean-Charles de Castelbajac with it, obviously, because he designed it. What breaks my heart is that he is so talented, and his line is wearable and serious, whereas the Kermit outfit seems like kind of a joke. As a designer, I respect his choice to make that outfit for GaGa, but my only hope for Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is that people see him for more than stuffed animals, but for the fashionable genius he really is.
I hate faux fur. 
All of these looks are from SS/11. Such a cute couple!!! I would kill for the mens shirt, I'm also super into mens shirts buttoned up all the way, I think I have Frankmusik to thank for that, I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it without looking like a douche who forgot his tie.

 This shirt dress is perfect, it fits in perfectly with the whole "military/utilitarian" look, but I love the creative usage of the forest green panels and the sort of awkward placement of the pockets. I'm also a sucker for when belts are too long and tucked into themselves, like done above.
 This is such a chic summer dress, and I love the orange lipstick!
 This knit dress is 100% the standout of this collection. I'm obsessed with the somewhat subdued animal print, and I love the leopard and stripe combo.
 This is an adorable, wearable yet funky going-out dress. I can imagine a million woman would love to wear this out to dinner or a club. I'm also dying over the printed metallic dress with the zebra Maryjane. I love this collection, and it is clear that Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is a true fashion visionary. On a completely unrelated note, wish me luck on the SAT's! I'm taking them for the first time today, and no one told me I needed special pencils, thanks a bunch.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

SOCKS! {exclamation point} !

 My day started off uneventfully, with a lazy wake up, and the joy of watching the Degrassi graduation episode. I really wish my life was that Canadian and eventful. Trader Joe's chicken Shu Mai have become a food group in my mind, they so so amazing, and they make for a great breakfast. I had the intention of going out for coffee and buying mouthwash, but my fear of getting my car stuck again overrode my desire for a cappchino or enamel restoring products. Last night I had to floor-it from across the street to get my car up the ice convered driveway, but I've decided that its probably not the best idea and I should try to do no more that once a day. O!!! Really important for those fellow Rachel Zoe lovers, I finally found the name of her forever catchy themesong, its called "Odyle", by Heloise and the Savoir Faire. I've been listening to it nonstop for two weeks, and surprise, it's playing now. Her voice is incredible.
So, on to socks. A seemingly normal article of everyday clothing, but ever so important. I am hooked on K. Bell socks from Costco, because they are super thin, and nearly invisible when wearing sneakers or ankle boots. That being said, I have a weakness for really nice socks too, I love a pump or peep toe ankle boot with a little patterned sock peeping out for fun. This brings me to the exact reason for this post. For Christmas, our dear family friends, Maggie and Carl {Thank you for the socks!!!!!}, gave me the most gorgeous socks I have ever owned. It's actually taken me until now to taken them our of the wrapping and wear them. I really appreciated how the company put a single sheet of tissue paper inside each sock for display purposes, now that is proper packaging. The funny thing is that I would never buy them for myself, even though I am obviously getting tons of joy from them.

Dont you love my facial expression? My face looks more normal in the little 1x2 camera screen. I'm wearing a button down by Buffalo by David Bitton, vintage André tie from the 1940's, KOTO cardigan, vintage Andrew Marc fox fur collar, BDG jeans, Marcoliani socks, and Cole Haan brogues

    These socks make me happy every time I look at them, I'm kind of a dork, I just folded them in my closet. I bought these shoes when i got home for arts camp, I had been living in gladiator flats, dingy converse, and moccasin boots. I needed real footwear. When I first tried them on, I thought they were beautiful, but I wasn't sure if I loved them enough to dive into the Cole Haan price tag. Right after I left the store, I knew I had made a mistake and I bought them right up. I think the perfect simplicity and classic lines and details are what makes them so special. They were an investment, and i know I'll wear them now, and forever. I do try to keep them extra shiny to make them look at bit more special. I'm off to go practice not looking like such a tool in pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birthday Wishes

I love the boots, they are perfection. The Jeffery Campbell Lita boot is definitely on my wish list. It's refreshing to see a boot well under $200 that is getting so much press and notoriety. I would love to own these, the lines of the shoe are stunning, and I love the block wooden heel and lace-up action. They remind me of really fabulous, Gothic-hooker work boots. I would love to pair them with a really classic oxford skirt, silk tie, blazer, and skinny metallic jeans. Every blogger and fashion follower I have seen in them has talked about how comfortable they are, and I equate them to the most fabulous Converse sneakers, that aren't sneakers. I would rock these actually every day, and i think these would be one of those pairs of shoes that would look better the most scuffed and scratched they got. Also, they would prop me up to well over six feet, so if there are any 4 foot eleven and a half mothers or short {or regular sized}best friends who want an eternally tall person to be able to get them cans of tomatoes, jars of agave, or the ability to reach the snow on the top of their cars with or without a snow hint hint
{Photo credit-}

Off to Tracy's

 I asked Tracy to show me some of favorite pieces in the store, and i was so excited to see this trench! I have a real soft spot for trench coats, and I have my eyes peeled for a black one. I liked how she styled the coat with the popped collar and cinched waistband. This coast is by Organic by John Patrick.
 The second i walked into the store, i fell hard for this jacket. I really love the Japanese sort of Comme Des Garcons feeling to it. This jacket is from a brand called Nau, and there line is so cool! I am obsessed with this jacket.
 I have loved these shoes since she first got them in the store last spring. The also come in white with pink satin piping. I really want them! Sadly, they run super small, and there is no way i could shove my foot into them. The brand is Marais, PLEASE MAKE LARGER SIZES!!!!!!

 Tracy and Kristin, Tracy's blouse was stunning, i forgot to ask the brand

I wore a gray and black marbled DKNY turtleneck, Theory blazer, Social Collision Jeans, and H&M boots.

I was totally going to wear more fabulous shoes, but lucky me, my Mercury Tracer wagon got stuck in the ice getting out of the driveway, and after forty minutes of digging with a shovel and arm flailing, a wonderfully amazing man, Mike {I wish I knew your last name, I want to send you a fruit basket!} got my car unstuck, but after that ordeal i realized that i would probably have to climb snowy toundras once i got downtown...thank God i wore these, I climbed lots of them. Have a Happy Wednesday night, I'm off to study for exams and fix my favorite pair of pants!